Anavar 20 results

Pharmacom Labs Oxandrolonos is presented in a 100 tablet box with 2 blister packs of 50 tablets each. Each tablet reportedly contains 10 milligrams of oxandrolone according to the label and packaging. Samples of this product were purchased from a North American-based authorized distributor between the dates of June 1, 2015 and June 30, 2015. The samples were forwarded and received by the analytical laboratory SIMEC AG for HPLC-UV testing on July 20, 2015. The quantitative dosage testing report was completed on August 10, 2015. The product was identified with an expiration date of October 15, 2018 and a batch number of MBMN1. There was no verification code printed on the box.

It is during a cutting phase that males will benefit the most from being on an Anavar cycle because of the simple fact that it allows them to have a much harder and shredded physique. Anavar is one of those anabolic steroids that is widely used only during the contest preparation phase for a show. Anavar contains an Oxandrolone hormone which means that muscle tissue can be preserved and it increases metabolic activity which would promote fat burning. It is the perfect cycle to do during a cutting period as you are able to preserve the muscle you’ve put on in the off-season and get rid of the fat surrounding it.

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Anavar 20 results

anavar 20 results


anavar 20 resultsanavar 20 resultsanavar 20 resultsanavar 20 resultsanavar 20 results