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Combat Prize Award – Popolar Jury Prize’s winner
Celeste Prize Finalist Show, The Invisible Dog Art Centre, New York
Celeste Prize, selected in the painting section
Fellowship, Russian Union of Artists
Winner in Art Competition as the best graduate in the art with an invitation by the Cooperativa Ceramica Imola (IT) for a course in ancient painting at the Palazzo Pitti in Florence
Winner of the scholarship of the Academy of Russian Art
Winner in Art Competition dedicated to Russian poet Pushkin
Winner of painting contest for the realization of the frescoes in the Cathedral of St. Salvatore, Moscow
Winner of scholarship named by president Eltsin

The word “dystopia” describes what happens when attempts to build a better world unintentionally go wrong. This case considers how current fiscal and demographic trends could reverse the gains brought by globalization and prompt the emergence of a new class of critical fragile states – formerly wealthy countries that descend into lawlessness and unrest as they become unable to meet their social and fiscal obligations. Such states could be developed economies where citizens lament the loss of social entitlements, emerging economies that fail to provide opportunities for their young population or to redress rising inequalities, or least-developed economies where wealth and social gains are declining.

Lisa Markey is the Chief Information Security Officer at Shearman & Sterling LLP, where she oversees all aspects of the firm’s global information security and governance functions. Prior to joining Shearman & Sterling, Lisa served as Head of Information Risk Management at Barclays Investment Bank, Corporate and Wealth Management divisions, and was also the firm’s Chief Privacy Officer for the Americas. Lisa’s technology career goes back to the mid-nineties, when she specialized in server engineering, messaging and networking, and she began her career in Security and GRC with Lehman Brothers in 2000, managing global Security Operations and Engineering functions for the bank. She holds a Bachelors in Industrial Management from Trent University, Nottingham, UK, and a Masters’ degree in Information Security from the University of London, as well as multiple industry qualifications including CIPP/US and CISM. Originally from London, Lisa is based in New York.

Anova zurich

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