Dexedrine erowid

Some pharmaceutical drugs are similar in chemical makeup to illicit substances. This can cause some cross tolerance and dependence issues. Adderall, Ritalin and Dexedrine are all drugs that are commonly prescribed but they are all based on an amphetamine chemical structure. For this reason, cross tolerance is possible, especially with use of these prescription medications for over 6 months. Morphine and heroin are related drugs which also have cross tolerance issues which is why morphine, the pharmaceutical opiate, is heavily regulated in most countries.

I have more of a question or concern. Im a pretty frequent smoker, but when I found out I was going to have to do a pre employment drug test, I quit smoking and starting drinking a lot of fluids and water and peeing like crazy. One week later, today, I took my test it was the escreen ecup thing. I did take an at home test the morning of and it was negative with a faint line, then I peed one more time before drinking soda and going for my test. They said it had to be sent to the lab so I’m kind of freaking out because the results won’t be for 3 days and I really want this job. Already put in my two weeks at my current job. Should I be worried?

Dexedrine erowid

dexedrine erowid


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