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Google, Etsy, Twitter and many other tech firms are keeping their employees “energized” and “happy” with special furnishings as well. For example, virtual sky luminaires that create a vivid blue sky with actual moving clouds indoors, the wavelengths are actually undergoing case studies to show how they re-calibrate the human circadian system which ultimately lead to a healthier life…tech is crazy nowadays, I love it! Reminds me of Vegas hotels pumping oxygen into the rooms and having no clocks on the walls, haha.

"Day 1, Fine until evening,felt incredibly out of it and no filter (said what was on my mind without thinking twice at work, lol. I didn't sleep well that night. Next day better mood wise, didn't sleep much that night again. Next day started off in a great mood then no filter midday, didn't sleep well again. Next day headache all day pretty intense, could be dehydrated tho, Need to start taking 2nd one earlier so I can sleep better. Day 5 today, head achy, I felt full after eating a normal amount of food (instead of eating way more than needed) and stopped eating this is good. It's also new to me. I hope it lasts. I've been tired this week, but I also haven't been sleeping well. Some constipation and there were some slight stomach issues."

Nap 50 first time user

nap 50 first time user


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