Primo vs anavar for cutting

Having said all of the above, it should be noted that Primobolan does have some side effects including light acne, deepening voice and increased hair growth.  These sides seem to result from the small androgenic component coupled with a very long half life in the system.  Remember, the greater the exposure to a compound, the more likely you are to experience side effects. However, it displays low liver toxicity and usually has little effect on blood pressure and cholesterol, which makes it one of the safest injectable anabolic steroids available. It's also worth pointing out that, in men, the body's endogenous testosterone production is only negatively affected when high dosages are taken for prolonged periods of time.

you need to come off everything and begin hcg and arimadex. I would use arimadex at 1/2mg 3 x wk and hcg at 250iu twice wk every wk and attempt to restore any natural test I could. The adex and hcg should help elevate sperm count and natural test over time. I would also use clomid at 100mg/ day for a couple wks and then drop to 50mg day for 2 more wks after you quit everything. Its going to take awhile, possibly a year before you are fertile again. Even on trt there is still a 50% chance of being fertile, but the choice to come off totally or stay on trt depends on how long you have been on trt up until now. If its been a year then Id attempt to drop everything, if its been longer then Id revert to a minimum trt dose of 80-100mg wk and continue on hcg arimadex regimen. U really need a fertility specialist though but for now this is what Id do personally

I have run primo for years with out any problem even before I started loosing my hair. What got me was the winstrol. I really never had a problem with test either but my dosages are low compared to most people. My father was completely bald by 35, my older brother at 48 has a thick jet black head of hair and I am in the middle at 41, receding but not in real bad shape but like I said I have been using rogaine for years. To answer your question I run 600mgs/w of primo. IMO if you are dis-positioned to hair loss then start a regiment at least 1 month prior to any steroids. But and again IMO if primo gives you bad sides(which is the least harsh of all injectables) then the rest will do a lot more damage to your hair line

Primo vs anavar for cutting

primo vs anavar for cutting


primo vs anavar for cuttingprimo vs anavar for cuttingprimo vs anavar for cuttingprimo vs anavar for cuttingprimo vs anavar for cutting