Var vaccine side effects

Parents really need to research these vaccines before they just automatically do as the doctor says and let their children be injected with what is recommended. Parents need to research their family histories for hereditary issues and reactions/allergic reactions. I know from personal experience, but was not informed of such a possible reaction until it was too late. There is a strong history of rheumatoid arthritis on one side of my family, when I took my first Hep B vaccine shot (1 of 3), I had an allergic reaction to the vaccine of which I was unaware. By the 2nd shot, I was only asked if I had felt any flu-like symptoms..didn’t consider the pain, swelling, and limited use of my fingers and wrists to be flu symptoms. By the last shot, the pain, swelling was much worse and now couldn’t use one of my hands or wrists at all, but again, no flu-like symptoms. As I was waiting for my 10 minutes afterwards, the lady after me was about to get her 2nd shot and she asked the nurse if the pain and swelling in her fingers & wrists could be a reaction to the Hep B. Nurse replied she didn’t think so but would call the drug co just to be on the safe side. Nurse came back, told the lady it was definitely an allergic reaction to the Hep B and she was not to get any more of the vaccine. I heard the conversation and said, well, it’s too late for me. The allergic reaction had caused the dormant rheumatoid arthritis to come out full blown and attack every joint in my body within a matter of just a few months. I was only in my 30’s and my life was forever changed. Only by the grace of God and His leading me to a super rheumatologist at Duke Medical, am I still able to be as mobile as I am today, along with the treatment of a biochemical drug to suppress my immune the cost of over $12,000 every 8 weeks….and that still doesn’t keep me pain free or give me back the quality of life I had before. For the sake of your children and the future of their health, RESEARCH BEFORE YOU VACCINATE!!!

The hepatitis A vaccine is made from inactive virus and is quite safe. In general, there are very few side effects. The most common potential side effect is soreness at or around the injection site. Other potential side effects include mild headache, loss of appetite among children, and feeling tired. These side effects usually last 1 or 2 days. However, like any medicine, the vaccine could cause serious problems, such as an allergic reaction, which may appear within a few minutes or hours after getting the shot. This occurs very rarely, but if you believe you are having a reaction to the vaccine, you should call your doctor or nurse right away. Some warning signs of a serious allergic reaction include the following:

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Var vaccine side effects

var vaccine side effects


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